RC drone with camera

RC drone with camera
Virtual reality becomes even more real with the entrance of RC drones with embedded camera into the game. These small drones, usually controlled by some WiFi based remote control are now adding another dimension to conventional gaming and probably other aspects of our everyday lives. And it sounds kind of cool to be able to control the RC drone from your own smart phone, or even more, when you have a RC drone with camera, to be watching a live video stream. The possibilities and applications of a RC drone are yet to be tested and approved by users around the world.

Augment reality – drones play a duel in real life
Augmented reality brings a new approach into gaming. You can have two RC drones engaging in a battle in a real environment while connected through a WiFi network. Monitoring everything through the screen of your smartphone. This definitely sounds like an attractive possibility for many gamers to explore. Who wouldn’t go for a more realistic experience, not to mention that the drones themselves look surrealistic in the city landscape for example. The frontier between reality and virtuality has lost its clear definition, bringing a new excitement and into gaming.

Live video from your RC Drone
How about seeing as far as where your RC drone goes? Having a RC drone with a camera can make you see a long way, by watching and controlling the live video stream displayed on your smart phone. Some might think of this as if one of the CIA spy devices is being released in its consumer version, but it could probably have other useful applications in our society. If we try using our imagination and combine it with some futuristic concepts we could clearly see that a RC drone with a camera have the possibility to revolutionize everyday life in the future.

Future applications of RC drones
Imagine if each of us has a domestic drone? It could help you with some simple domestic tasks like cleaning your floor for example, or why not represent you somewhere you need to be. Of course having a high traffic of RC drones with a camera in the air would bring out the question of privacy and how to protect it. But is privacy in public places possible? Our age is all about managing time in the most practical way and the technological progress is being applied as much as possible to make us faster and more efficient.

All this sounds like a scene from a fantastic novel, but who knows what future holds and how far would the human race go in using machines as an extension of themselves.
If the possibility of having an RC drone with a camera sounds appealing, you can find them over the internet or different stores in your area. You can also go technical and create one yourself designes according to your needs or just following your inspiration for new inventions.